ASPO Mini Mentorship Program

The purpose of the ASPO mini-mentorship program is to increase the number of residents who are exposed to an active, tertiary care pediatric otolaryngology practice, and educate more ORL residents about the wide range of complex care that is provided by pediatric otolaryngologists.

The goal is to expose ORL residents to Pediatric Otolaryngology.

Targeted group:
Priority will be given to junior residents within the first 3 years of their residency at programs with limited exposure to pediatric otolaryngology. This includes programs that do not have a Pediatric Otolaryngology fellowship available, and where there are fewer than 3 faculty members practicing exclusively pediatric otolaryngology in the residency program.

Mini-mentorship Description:
Regional: The awardee(s) will be assigned to a host program relatively close to their residency program in order to minimize travel expenses. Participants will be expected to drive to their assigned mentorship location, if appropriate. Various programs have been identified as acceptable mini-mentorship sites in as many states as possible. Although participants will have the option of air travel to reach mini-mentorship sites, the maximum reimbursement is $750 per participant.

Mentor responsibilities:
At the participating host locations, one member of the faculty (an ASPO member) will be responsible for ensuring that the attendee sees a variety of pediatric ORL cases, and specialty clinics; including multi-specialty clinics such as feeding teams, voice clinics, sleep apnea clinics, and airway clinics. The resident will report to this assigned staff member and receive an overview of the plans for the 3-day mini-mentorship.

This plan will be as specific as possible with a schedule of various activities - just having the attendee join the other residents is not acceptable.

Mini-mentorship will last 3 business days.

Observation only:
This will be “observation only” and will not require that the resident obtain clinical privileges at the participating institution.

ASPO will provide funds for:

  • Up to 3 nights of lodging in a hotel ($200 per night maximum)
  • Cost for gas and parking
  • Meal stipend of $25 per day

Available funding from ASPO will not exceed $750 for each participant.

Both the attendee and the assigned mentor at the participating institution will be asked to complete an evaluation form at the end of the 3-day program.

A maximum of 6 applicants will be awarded the grants per year. Contact [email protected] for more information.