Sustaining Our Future

If you have clicked on the “Sustaining Our Future” Campaign button I am hopeful you will take the time to read this short explanation of our Campaign.

As you may be aware, Robert Ward your current President and I have made a centerpiece of our Presidencies the “Sustaining Our Future” Campaign. This Campaign has, as its goal, to raise over $300,000 for our Society’s development over the next 2 years. The ASPO Board of Directors has pledged unanimous support of the campaign and has already raised over $200,000 in the first few months.  I hope I can count on you to be included in this group of leaders as we need each and every ASPO member to participate to achieve our goal.

With over $1,000,000 in our endowment we have come a long way since the last major ASPO fund-raising campaign, the Legacy Campaign, which was 10 years ago.  But we are still far behind many of the senior societies.  You may rightly ask, what will this increased endowment be used for? There are many needs for our growing Society.

  • A robust endowment allows us to enhance our impact on child health through educational programs, advocacy, additional grants, investigator support, and other training initiatives.
  • Importantly, these additional monies will also be used to promote pediatric otolaryngology as a specialty, to support young students and residents in ways that will encourage their interest in our specialty and in outreach opportunities to our international colleagues.
  • These activities will enhance the viability of our specialty and will be important for providing all of us with colleagues to fill our shoes locally and around the globe.
  • Finally, ASPO needs to have a central role in supporting clinical effectiveness activities, quality initiatives, the development of databases and guidelines to support the excellent clinical work of our members. This will become increasingly important in the future health care environment.

 All of this requires not only an investment of the time and talent of our membership, which has always been, and will continue to be, our greatest asset. But it also requires a financial investment which can only be achieved by an improved endowment. I hope you will agree with me that these activities are essential to Sustain Our Future.  I know I can count on you to support this vital initiative.  I would be happy to talk with you further about this Campaign and the opportunity for naming opportunities. Your earliest pledge will provide the Development Committee a gauge of our progress and will allow us to focus additional efforts elsewhere to maximize the impact of our time. I thank you for your previous commitment to ASPO and for your continued support.

Contributions can be made online or by mail. Click here to donate securely online using PayPal. Checks should have “ASPO development campaign” written on the memo line, and should be sent to:

ASPO Development
c/o Joseph E. Kerschner, MD
9000 W. Wisconsin Ave.
P.O. Box 1997
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Best personal regards,
Joseph E. Kerschner, M.D.
Chair, ASPO Development Committee