Dear fellows in pediatric otolaryngology, 

The ASPO Board has approved a new award for ASPO presentations this spring, the Fellow Award.  Any current fellow in a pediatric otolaryngology fellowship program (both ACGME and non-ACGME programs) is eligible for this award if they are the first author on the abstract. 

The Fellow Award will be judged on scientific merit by the Ad hoc Awards Committee. To be eligible for judging, any fellow with an accepted abstract (oral or poster) must submit a manuscript to Judith Lieu, the Award Committee Chair, at by January 16, 2015.  Any fellow manuscript that does not win this award will be forwarded to the Program Committee for consideration for the Potsic or Ferguson awards. 

The recipient of the Fellow Award will be given a longer oral presentation and a monetary award. 

Thank you for considering applying for this new Fellow Award.




Judith E. C. Lieu, MD MPSH
Ad hoc Award Committee Chair

Marci Lesperance, MD
ASPO President